St Joseph's Opunake

Faith, Values and Skills

Are you looking for a small school with a holistic approach and strong Christian values?

Then St Joseph's is the school for your child and family!

If you would like to know more, please pop into our school office for a visit and a chance to look around.

Contact: 06 761 8388

Principal: Margaret Duynhoven

Office Administrator: Steph Langton

Catholic Schools’ Day - Grandparents’ Day

On Tuesday May 28th it is Catholic Schools’ Day all over New Zealand. We have decided to celebrate this day by having a Grandparents’ Day. Children will have brought home invitations for their grandparents this week. Could you please help these get to the right people? If children don’t have grandparents nearby, they are most welcome to invite family friends who are like grandparents to them.

We will have a morning tea at 11:00 a.m. followed by entertainment by the kapa haka, music and choir groups. After this, grandparents will be welcome to visit their grandchildren’s classroom and join in with learning activities until lunchtime at 12:30. We would like to know approximate numbers, so would appreciate hearing from those who will be attending. Email or phone 06 7618388

“To provide a caring, Catholic, family environment where faith, values and skills are nurtured, enabling pupils to be successful and responsible citizens.”

Our School: History: We are first and foremost a Mission School. In 1901, our school was founded by the “Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions”. Our first teachers were Sister Mary of Nazareth, Sister Mary St Marcella and Sister Mary St John of the Cross. In recognition of these founding teachers we have named our school houses after them. The current main part of the school was opened on February 13th 1923. Over the coming years the school grew and became successful in sporting, music and academic fields. The Mission Sisters who taught at the school received amazing support from the Parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea over the years, and the school continued to grow in size. In 1981 the school appointed its first lay Principal and in 1982 the school was integrated into the State school system. In 1989 the first Board of Trustees was elected.

Present: The main classroom block and the junior school areas were restructured and re-modelled in 2015 to meet current Earthquake regulations. We have acoustic, light, warm and safe classrooms to teach in and have the latest internet capabilities to connect us with the outside world. We are a school that continues to excel in sport and academically. We are continuing to grow and develop the music and cultural aspects of our school. We have a guitar & ukulele tutor, a piano tutor and a Kapa Haka tutor who provide lessons for our students. We have a strong relationship with our Parish Priest, Father Vijay Dung Dung and with the Parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea. We join the parish in prayer and worship on a regular basis, during the week, and at Sunday Masses.