Taranaki Indoor Bowls Championships (South Division)

On Tuesday 17th October, 7 pairs headed down to the Sandford's Event Centre to take part in the South Division of the Taranaki Indoor Bowls Championships. Teams were: Cameron Quinnell & Richmin Hughson-How; Macy Sinclair & Liam Kidd; Matthew O'Rorke and Caprice Thomas-Moore; Rhys Griggs & Josh Kruger; Sean Young & Kace Jordan; Crisjohn Abad & Jorja Keller; Ella Griggs & Deacon Wasley.

From this event, the top ten teams earned themselves a spot in the Taranaki Champs which will be held on Tuesday 31st October in New Plymouth.

Congratulations to Liam & Macy, who won the South Division event with no losses, Richmin & Cameron, Matthew & Caprice, and Jorja & Crisjohn who have gained a spot in the Taranaki Champs.

Good luck to all teams!

Touch Teams

Due to a large number of late returns we have had to rejig the touch teams that were published in the newsletter. Please endeavour to get forms back in on time as it does greatly impact team entries, and we don't want children to miss out on playing.

Please find the rules for each of the competitions. Note: All St Joseph's players are to wear the green sports shirt and black shorts please (if possible).

Year 7/8 St Joseph’s Hot Steppers

Coach/Ref: Olly Kruger (Olly needs a supporter as won’t always be there)

Manager: Tracey O’Rorke

Josh Kruger, Macy Sinclair, Jerram Sinclair, Aria Brophy, Toby O’Rorke, Matthew O’Rorke, Sean Young, Andrew Lawn

Year 7/8 St Joseph’s Evaders

Coach: Michael Griggs (Michael needs a supporter as won’t always be there)

Manager: Merryn Kidd

Rhys Griggs, Ella Griggs, Isabella Coogan, Liam Drought, Samuel Drought, Cameron Quinnell, Kace Jordan, Liam Kidd

Term 3 Week 9

Year 5/6

St Joseph’s Dodgers

Coach: Taylor Field

Manager: Alysha Trethewey and Amanda Drought

James Coogan, Maddy Drought, Dustin Trethewey, Ariel Sabuero, Daniel Sabuero, Caleb Neil, Riley Keller, Ryder Ratahi, Jono Lang, Daniel Harvey, (Need some more girls)

Junior draw 2016.docx

Please find the draws for the competition. Junior Draw above. Year 7/8 Draw to the right.

Primary Rules.doc

Year 3/4 St Joseph’s Rollers

Coach: Nikita Mullin

Manager: Nicola Coogan

Tiana-Mae Mullin-James, Gabrielle Coogan, Charlie Trethewey, Crystal Jordan, Blake Marshall, Carter McKenzie, Maya McKenzie

Year 3/4 St Joseph's Sidesteppers

Coach: Matthew O'Rorke and Macy Sinclair

Manager: Linley Lark

Rebekah Gulliver (subs)

Mya Foley, Jacob Foley, Isabelle Neil-Warner, Oscar Keller, Kobe Lark, Holly Gulliver, Melah Sinclair, Alex Harvey, Zach Parnell

Year 0/2 St Joseph’s Angels

Coach: Vanessa Le Prou

Manager: Tracey O’Rorke

Subs: Rebekah Gulliver

Liam Coogan, Amy O’Rorke, Jayden Young, Samantha Eligado, Amelia Harvey, Amy Gulliver, Caden Guthrie, Xavier Le Prou, Larmina Parnell

Year 7-8 draw 2017.docx
Holiday Netball Skills Clinic 2017.docx

Please see the flyer opposite for a holiday netball coaching clinic with Erika Burgess-Maifea. Register by emailing Erika directly.

Mt Spa Zone Cross Country

The weather held out for the Mt Spa Cross Country, which was held at the Manaia Domain on Friday 15th September. Runners from Matapu, Auroa, Rahotu, Kaponga, Manaia, St Joseph's and Opunake Primary School joined together to take part in this competitive event. St Joseph's runners did a great job - we took 35 students to the event! Thank you to all the parents (and uncles) who volunteered to take the children to the race day. Congratulations especially to Richmin Hughson-How (1st), Toby O'Rorke (2nd), Charlie Carr (3rd), Kiarn Robins (3rd), Jerram Sinclair (5th), Melah Sinclair (5th), Solai Ehrhorn (6th),Liam Drought (8th) and Andrew Lawn (10th). Special mention to Kiarn (3rd), Cade Carr (9th) and Joseph Bradley (16th) for doing so well in the 9 and under boys race given that Kiarn is 8, and Cade and Joe are only 7! Super running boys!

Cross Country

It was great to see our 'soon to come to school' students coming along to attend cross country as well! Well done Mack for taking part in the 5 year old race, even though you are only 4!

After a dubious start to the day weather wise, we made the call to go ahead with school cross country. The afternoon turned out to be absolutely glorious, and we all had great fun in the spring sunshine. Thank you to Tracey O'Rorke for giving us the go ahead to use the Pony Club for this year's event. Congratulations to the Fitness Committee of Macy, Mackenzie, Aria, Ella and Sean for organising this year's event. Thank you to Room 6 who helped set up the standards and reels and for fencing in the stock. Results will be in Week 9's school newsletter. Thank you to all the parents (and big brothers) who volunteered to marshal the course, we couldn't have held the event without your help!

Hurlstone Cup Netball

The team travelled to Stratford on Wednesday 6th September to take part in a one day round robin pool tournament to challenge for a place in the finals to win the Hurlstone Cup.

The team's first game against St Joseph's Waitara was a tough one and we lost 25 - 7. The next game was against Ngaere and we won 13 - 4. The third game was a close affair, and unfortunately we came away with a loss, in a game that it would be fair to say we should have won. The score was 10-8 to St Patrick's Inglewood. The final game was against Kaponga, and our team came away with a win 19 - 7. Unfortunately this means that we have not made the semi finals this year. Well done to the team for competing to the best of your ability - Caprice, Macy, Jorja, Grace, Samuel, Matthew and Solai.

A huge thank you to Rebecca Monti for coaching the team for the season, and to Dennis Keller, Amanda Drought, Tracey O'Rorke and Erin Ehrhorn for transporting the team over to the tournament.

School Cross Country

Timetable of the Races:

1:10pm - 12 - 13 year olds (3km)

1:20pm - 8 year olds (2km)

1:30pm - 5 year olds (1km)

1:35pm - 10 year olds (2km)

1:45pm - 6 year olds (1km)

1:50pm - 11 year olds (3km)

2:00pm - 7 year olds (1km)

2:05pm - 9 year olds (2km)

If you wish to take your child home after the event, please notify your teacher of this!

This will take place on Monday afternoon at 1pm at the Opunake Pony Club Paddocks on Whitcombe Road.

Please come along and join us at this event.

Certificates will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group.

Runners who place in their races (aged 7 years and up) will get to go to the Mt Spa Zone Cross Country event on Friday 15th September. Participants will be notified of their selection on Tuesday 12th September. Parents will be asked to provide transport and support at this event. (Note: 7 and 8 year olds will run in the 9 and under race at this Zone event).

Samuel makes Roller Mills Team

Congratulations to Samuel Drought for his selection to the Taranaki Roller Mills team for 2017. The team will play in a tournament in the October holidays against other Waikato region Roller Mills teams. Samuel has had a number of pre-season games already and had the privilege of standing as a guard of honour for Sir Colin Meads before the start of their pre-season game against Te Kuiti.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the team today, and for providing the scrumptious spread after the game.

A big thank you too, to Bruce Grindlay who refereed the game. The weather was kind to us during the game giving us enough of a fine break to get the job done.

Hopefully the mud comes out of the jerseys easily!

McLeod Shield Game vs Kaimata

In very trying conditions the St Joseph's McLeod Shield team came away with the win 56 - 43 against Kaimata. After a slow start, St Joseph's came back and gave themselves a fighting chance with the scores close at half time.

Cody and Samuel were named as Kaimata's players of the day. Samuel Drought and Jono Lang were named as St Joseph's players of the day.

Taranaki Hockey Representatives

Congratulations to Richmin Hughson-How and Liam Kidd who have been selected to represent Taranaki in the U13 A and B team respectively.

Richmin is travelling to a tournament in Auckland in October, and Liam is travelling to a tournament in Gisborne in October. Both boys have fundraisers on the go at the moment - if you are able to support them then please pop into the school office and have a look at their fundraising options.

Taranaki Netball Representative

Congratulations to Caprice Thomas-Moore for her selection into the Taranaki Year 8 A Netball Team.

This team won 2 out of 3 tournaments and came runners up in the third. An awesome achievement, well done Caprice on your much deserved selection.

Ross Brown Tournament

Congratulations to Samuel and Liam Drought who were selected in the South Ross Brown Tournament team.

The South team came second in the quadrangular tournament against North, West and Central teams.

From this tournament, Samuel has been selected in the South Roller Mills team and will trial this weekend, Sunday 13th August to gain a place in the Taranaki Roller Mills team. Good luck Samuel.

Samuel, their cousin Zac Perrett, Great Grandad Drought, and Liam in their South Ross Brown team jerseys.

Liam, with his haul of trophies from Coastal U12's prize giving. Most Outstanding forward & U12's Most Valuable Player

Samuel and Liam with their Coastal Club ties and Ross Brown Medals.

Congratulations to St Joe's Thunder

The Year 5/6 St Joe's Thunder team is the Opunake Basketball Satellite A Grade Champions for 2017.

The Thunder played Opunake Primary School in the final and had a convincing win.

Well done to Jackson Norgate, James Coogan, Maddy Drought, Andrew Lawn, Coach: Matt Lawn, Crystal Jordan, Melah Sinclair, Toby O'Rorke and Jerram Sinclair. Thank you to Matt for coaching the team.

Congratulations to St Joe's Hawks

The St Joe's Hawks found themselves in the final of the Year 7/8 B Grade section of the Opunake Basketball Satellite. The Hawks played Opunake Primary School in the final and had a convincing win.

Well done to: Rhys Griggs, Crisjohn Abad, Liam Kidd, Matthew O'Rorke, Grace Bradley, Macy Sinclair, Sean Young, Richmin Hughson-How and Ella Griggs. Coach: Stephen Feaver/Michael Griggs

Thank you to Steve and Michael for their contribution to the team, and especially to Steve for taking weekly practices!

Just about....

The St Joseph's Falcons found themselves in a very tight game in the final of the Opunake Basketball Association A Grade competition. The Falcons were playing Opunake Primary School, and the lead seesawed between the two teams with OPS just pipping the Falcons at the final buzzer.

Congratulations to Isabella Coogan, Samuel Drought, Aria Brophy, Mackenzie Gatenby, Liam Drought, Kace Jordan, Josh Kruger and Cameron Quinnell.

Thank you to Sharon Quinnell for her expert coaching and for taking the team for weekly practices.

Friendly Basketball Game with Gisborne

On Thursday 6th July, a group of basket ballers from Gisborne travelled over to Opunake to attend the Basketball Pacific Jamboree in New Plymouth. Dwayne Tamatea, formerly of Opunake, contacted Mrs Langton and asked her to organise a few games for his kids to play. We had an awesome response to this and managed to field 3 teams on the night. Our Year 5/6 mixed team were beaten 32 - 22. Our Year 7/8 girls' team were annihilated 30-6 and our Year 7/8 boys' team won a close game 42 - 37. Lots of fun was had by all! Thank you to Matt Lawn, Sharon Quinnell, Hayley Quinnell, Scott Quinnell and Pero Brophy for their support on the night!

Netball Teams 2017

St Joseph's Sting

Coach: Rebecca Monti

Manager: Lucy Bradley

Grace Bradley

Caprice Thomas - Moore

Jorja Keller

Cameron Quinnell

Aria Brophy

Solai Ehrhorn

Macy Sinclair

Liam Drought

Samuel Drought

St Joseph's Sparks

Year 5 & 6 Coach: Nicola Coogan

Manager: Shared by Parents

Eden Lark

Kayleigh Fleming

Alika Hunn

James Coogan

Shinae Minhinnick

Maddy Drought

Caleb Neil

Sophia Thompson

St Joseph's Angels

Coach: Piki Sinclair

Manager: Lucy Bradley

Caitlyn Bradley

Gabrielle Coogan

Melah Sinclair

William Hurley

Maya McKenzie

Mya Foley

Sophie Gatenby

St Joseph's Saints

Coach/Manager: Lisa Gopperth-Brown

Renee Fleming

Skyler Hunn

Maddi Gopperth-Brown

Sienna Bourke

Amy Gulliver

All students have been issued with netball uniforms for the season.

We still have a number of uniforms outstanding. Please have a thorough look at home and return any that you find as soon as possible.

Find the weekly draw at the

Netball Taranaki website

Basketball Teams 2017

St Joseph’s Hawks

Coaches: Stephen Feaver and Michael Griggs

Ella Griggs, Rhys Griggs, Grace Bradley, Richmin Hughson-How, Liam Kidd, Macy Sinclair, Matthew O'Rorke, Sean Young

St Joseph’s Falcons

Coaches: Sharon Quinnell and Scott Quinnell

Mackenzie Gatenby, Aria Brophy, Isabella Coogan, Kace Jordan, Samuel Drought, Liam Drought, Josh Kruger, Cameron Quinnell

St Joseph’s Bulls

Coaches: Linley Lark and Aarun Langton

Eden Lark, Caitlyn Bradley, Kayleigh Fleming, Riley Keller, Will Hurley, Sean Duggan, Jono Lang, Patrick Bradley, Keelin Willis

St Joseph’s Thunder

Coach: Matt Lawn

Maddy Drought, Melah Sinclair, Crystal Jordan, Toby O'Rorke, Jerram Sinclair, Andrew Lawn, Jackson Norgate, James Coogan

St Joseph’s Dribblers

Coach: Nikita Mullin

Joseph Bradley, Kiarn Robins, Joshua Ramos, Blake Marshall, Tiana-Mae Mullin-James, Oscar Willis

St Joseph’s Dunkers

Coach: Linley Lark

Kobe Lark, Oscar Keller, Kiel Ramos, Holly Gulliver, Katie Duggan, Charlie Trethewey, Zach Parnell

St Joseph’s Bouncers

Coach: Matthew O'Rorke/Tracey O'Rorke

Amy O’Rorke, Renee Fleming, Liam Coogan, Max Short, Jayden Young, Amelia Duggan