This is our yearly overview of Religious Education topics and when they will be covered over the year.

Religious Education Planner 2018

School Charism - In Religious Education we learn about how our school came to be in existence and what life was like in those early days. We acknowledge and give thanks for the hard work and determination from the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions who along with the Catholic community of Opunake established the formation of St Joseph's Opunake. We strive to actively 'live' the same values that are upheld by the Mission Sisters; personal excellence, respect for others, having a heart for the world, respect for creation and the environment and a strong awareness of mission with a global consciousness.

Euphrasie Barbier is the Foundress of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions RNDM (sometimes called the Mission Sisters) whose congregation founded many Catholic schools in New Zealand, including St Joseph's Opunake.

Euphrasie was born at Caen, Normandy, France on 4 January 1829. She was the child of Louis-Desire Barbier, a shoe maker, and his wife Jeanne Adele Le Cler. She worked for a time as a laundress before entering religious life.

Euphrasie was a woman of strong personality, determined to maintain her independence to develop and direct her institute free of detailed supervision by local bishops. The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions made a major contribution to both Maori and European education in New Zealand.

Father Vijay can be contacted on 761 8121.

Father Vijay is Our Lady Star of the Sea's parish priest.

Two classes (one senior and one junior) attend mass every Wednesday at 9:10am in the hospitality area of the church.

Families and community members are more than welcome to join us.


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