Church Notices

Our parish is Our Lady Star of the Sea. We share in worship with our parish on a weekly basis with two classes attending prayer at the church on a Wednesday morning. We support the parish with feast day celebrations and we lead our own liturgies and masses as well. Once a term we lead a Sunday Mass service where all families and parish members are welcome to attend to worship together.

2019 First Holy Communion

This Sunday, May 19th we will hold our Term 2 School Sunday mass. It is First Holy Communion Day. Congratulations to Ellie Lynskey, Molly Stevenson, Gabby Coogan, Shanaia Tocino, Renee Fleming and Jasmine Rae who have prepared over several months to receive this sacrament.

Congratulations on your commitment. We wish you well for Sunday. Please come and join us, this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. We will have a morning tea afterwards, so if you would like to stay, please bring a plate. Donations to the Opunake Food bank will be gratefully accepted and carried up during the Offertory Procession.

Liturgical Year - Easter

We are currently in the Easter season of the

Church year. The colours for this time of year

are white and gold. We celebrate the Easter

season for six weeks after Easter Sunday,

recalling the occasions when Jesus appeared

to his disciples after his death and

resurrection. During the Easter season, our

first reading doesn’t come from the Old

Testament, as it does during the rest of the

year. Instead we hear about the work of the

early church from the Acts of the Apostles.

We also finish mass with our Easter word,


st JOseph's day

Please join us on /Tuesday 19th March at 10am at Our Lady Star of the Sea to celebrate the feast day for St Joseph's.

A Modern look at St Joseph.

The Bible may not mention Joseph much and none of his words may be recorded, but what it does say speaks volumes about his character. The following are 6 signs of a modern-day St. Joseph.

1. Social Media

If Joseph did use social media, it wouldn’t be the center of his life. Being a private person, he would rarely log on and if he did, he wouldn’t post lame selfies and photos of his meal of unleavened bread and fish. He wouldn’t rant and rave, nor would he gossip about anything. Maybe he’d share an inspiring quote here and there and post a few holy hashtags. #holyfamily #proudfosterfather #imnotworthy.

2. Career

I think it’s safe to say Joseph would be working as a carpenter, and probably have his own shop. He would do honest, quality work and his prices would be the fairest around. He would make a modest living, bringing in just enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table. Jesus would be Joseph’s only employee and that would be plenty of manpower for the shop. If I had to guess the name of his business I’d go with “Divine Wood Works”. He’d build the best staircases around.

3. Social Life

Joseph wouldn’t be one for parties and huge gatherings. He’d be more apt to enjoy a nice quiet night at home with his Holy Family. If you did see Joseph out with friends or family, it would probably be at a function for his parish. He’d be the one sitting quietly with his wife Mary, looking content and peaceful. He may say a few quiet words to people passing by, but that’s about it. People would know Joseph as a quiet man, but when he did speak his words would be profound. Joseph would be the go-to-guy for great fatherly advice.

4. Faith

Joseph would have a profound faith life. He would attend daily mass and would be seen in deep prayer. His internal life would be far beyond anything we can imagine, having constant conversations with God in his heart. Joseph’s trust in God would give him strength through the toughest situations and temptations.

5. Personality and appearance

Joseph would be a warm and friendly person. People would want his presence around them always, even if it was silent, because there would be something about him that brings peace and security. Joseph would never gossip or speak ill of anyone, and he would never lose his temper. You would never know that Joseph comes from a royal bloodline because he wouldn’t talk about it. He doesn’t like the spotlight and loves the simple life. Joseph would keep a simple and clean appearance, and sport an EPIC beard.

6. Social Views

What he would stand for and proclaim is the sanctity of human life, chastity, respect for women, and giving to and serving the needy. He wouldn’t “leave it to someone else” to feed the poor. He’d be at the local food bank every other weekend. Bottom line: he would stand for God’s Law and respect the teachings of the Catholic Church. Did I mention he’d have an awesome beard?

St. Joseph is a role model for all ages and generations and we should all have a special devotion to him. Saint Bridget of Sweden once shared the revelation told to her by Our Lady that Joseph would constantly pray out loud, “Heaven grant that I may live so as to accomplish the Will of my God.” Simple yet profound. Classic St. Joseph.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. It is a time when many Christians prepare themselves for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, sacrifice, and self discipline. It is a time of change. Turning your heart back to God, getting ready to humble yourself before the foot of the cross on Good Friday, and being ready to welcome the resurrected Christ back into your hearts on Easter Sunday. For many the time of Lent means either giving up something or taking on something… both with the intent of bringing ourselves closer to God.

At school we teach the children about the importance of prayer, to give you strength during the time of lent, to reflect on what you have done to others, to chat to God and open your hearts to hear his message to you.

We talk about fasting - giving up something that you can't do without, and during this time of fasting when temptation comes in to play, to focus on prayer for strength and courage, and to get closer to God. If the thing that you are giving up costs money, maybe you could think about giving that money to a charity instead.

Which brings us to Almsgiving. This is the act of giving to others in need - whether this be the gift of time, money, goods, or service. Maybe you could organise an event that brings people together for a good cause.

At Ash Wednesday Mass, on the 6th March at 10am, we receive the symbol of the cross, in ashes, on our foreheads. The symbol of the cross is to remind us that Jesus died for us. The ashes come from the palms used at Palm Sunday the year before, which is significant as these were used to symbolise the welcoming of Jesus into Jerusalem (and our hearts) during the previous Easter Season. The ashes are to remind us that we were created from dust and to dust we will return, but with death comes new life, and this we know is true as Jesus rose again on Easter Sunday.

We welcome all families and parishioners to come and join us on Ash Wednesday.

First Reconciliation/First Eucharist preparation programme 2019

The programme to prepare for these two sacraments will begin early next term. If your child is 8 years or over and willing to attend 6 lessons, followed by reconciliation, and another 6 lessons, followed by Eucharist please ring the school office and register your interest, or print out the form on Term 3, Week 9's newsletter and return to school.

2018 First Holy Communion

Tiana-Mae, Christine, Madison, Father Vijay, Maya, Jorja (back), John, Gerald and Charlie.

Congratulations to these children for making their First Holy Communion. Thank you to all the parents who supported their children during the lessons.