God Strand

Overarching Statement - God is a community of love known as the Holy Trinity : Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is mystery and it is hard for us to fully understand this.

Through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, the nature of God is revealed to us. Jesus taught us that God is like a loving parent.

In scripture we learn that God is the creator and is faithful, loving and present to us within creation. Images in Scripture of God as a potter, shepherd or mother eagle help us to comprehend more of the truth about God.

God loves each of us individually. Our response to God's love is called faith.

Jesus Strand

Overarching Statement - Jesus Christ is the Son of God and both human and divine. His actions, attitudes, values and teachings show us what God is like. He came both to provide a model of how to live, and as the Saviour, who takes away our sins.

Jesus shows us what God is like and reveals God as a loving father - 'Whoever has seen me has seen the Father' John 14:9

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and revealed to us that God is Trinity.

Each of us is encouraged to develop a strong personal relationship with Jesus. We can experience the presence of Jesus in our world today through other people, prayer, Scripture and especially in his Church. Jesus is particularly present in the Sacraments and above all in the Eucharist.

Room 1 dressed up like Jesus

We wore robes and scarves.

We shared in a meal together

We ate food similar to what Jesus ate.


Resource for Parents

The Family-Whanau book is the 'go to' resource for parents to use when supporting their children with Catholic concepts.

It has ideas about how to pray at home, how to strengthen relationships via effective communication between children and parents, and gives you ideas about how you can incorporate Christian values and rituals into your home life.

It is a very valuable document to explore!