Term 4 Learning - Communion of Saints Strand

Room One is currently learning about the greatest of our Saints - Mary. They especially learn about her role as a mother.

Room Two are learning about what a saint is and what living a holy life means. They are reading books and watching videos about some of the canonised Saints. The children will learn about other inspiring people and learn that the saintliness of ordinary people can help lead them to God.

Room Four are learning about choices that we make on our life journey to God. They will learn that the choices we make in our lives determines what happens to us after death.

Room Five are learning about Saints and inspiring people. They will learn that the community of all members of the Church, both living and in heaven is called the Communion of Saints.

Room Six, like Room Four are looking at choices. They are learning that, as we have free will, we have a responsibility to develop an informed conscience so that we make life-giving choices for ourselves and others. They are learning about the Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life.

Church Strand - Term Three

A common misconception among the children is that the Church is a building. We, God’s people are the Church.

Room One have the focus “Belonging’. They will talk about belonging to different groups including their family, their school and their parish. They will learn about the role of a parish priest and learn that the Church tries to carry on Jesus’ mission in today’s world.

Room Two’s focus is ‘Gathering, Celebrating, Living God’s presence.’ The children will learn about the people and places of our parish. They will learn that our parish is part of the Church which Jesus started. The children will learn about the terms ‘privilege’ and ‘responsibility’ and find out that each privilege has a corresponding responsibility and that this is also true about belonging to a parish.

Room Four’s focus is “Called to Serve.’ The children will learn that through our baptism we are called to holiness and service. They will learn that people are called to different vocation in life, but each in our own way is called to service and holiness.

Room Five has a focus, ‘The Church Celebrates.’ The children will learn that worshipping God is central to our Church’s life. We do this through prayer, Proclamation of the Word and celebration of the sacraments. The celebration of the Eucharist on Sunday is especially important.

Room 6 have a focus on ‘The Teaching Church’. They will learn that Jesus was a teacher and this role was continued by his apostles. Today the bishops, united by the Pope continue this role today. Priests and lay people help the bishops with this teaching role.

Refer to pages in the Family/Whanau book for support: Room 1 - page 18, Room 2 - page 21, Room 4 - page 27, Room 5 - page 30, and Room 6 - page 36.

Sacrament Strand - Term Three

The students will participate in lessons covering the sacrament strand during Weeks 2 - 5. They learn about the seven sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the Sick. Each class will focus on one or two of these and learn about the rites and rituals behind the sacraments.

This strand also includes the concept of sacramentality, which simply means being aware of God in our surroundings. A sacrament is a visible sign of God's invisible grace. When we look at a rainbow and think of God, that's sacramentality. When we enjoy the love of our family, and it reminds us of God's love for us, that's sacramentality. Sacramentality is an attitude that makes us aware of God's love and grace at work in the world.

Sacrament of the Seasons

Jesus comes to me as a springtime tree

and I receive Him as a springtime tree.

Fragrant the blossoming of the child,

fresh with laughter, free and wild,

Carrying the green of summer.

Jesus comes to me as a summer tree

and I receive Him as a summer tree.

Warm in the sun and richly laid

With patterns of growth through light and shade,

Carrying the fire of autumn.

Jesus comes to me as an autumn tree

and I receive Him as an autumn tree.

Season of ripeness, brightly ablaze

Like a torch in the quietness of closing days,

Carrying the wood of winter.

Jesus comes to me as a winter tree

and I receive Him as a winter tree.

Gentle the cross, and gentle the snow,

Gentle the path where He and I go,

Carrying the buds of spring.


Holy Spirit Strand - Term 2

When we come back to school in Term 2, we will begin the Holy Spirit Strand. Find some ideas below that you can do at home to help support your child's learning around the Holy Spirit strand. These are from the Family - Whanau book.


Resource for Parents

The Family-Whanau book is the 'go to' resource for parents to use when supporting their children with Catholic concepts.

It has ideas about how to pray at home, how to strengthen relationships via effective communication between children and parents, and gives you ideas about how you can incorporate Christian values and rituals into your home life.

It is a very valuable document to explore!

Ash Wednesday Colouring Pages

This feast day is February 14th this year. Mass will be celebrated at 10am at Our Lady Star of the Sea.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. It is time for us to reflect on our lives and to 'turn back to God'.

The ashes we receive, in the shape of a cross, remind us that Jesus died for us. The ashes come from the burnt palms from last year's Palm Sunday celebrations. Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday as a hero and days later the same people who hailed Him King, condemned Him to death. We are reminded that we all make mistakes and despite this, Jesus still loves us, unconditionally.