How to Pray Poster for Kids.pdf

This is a poster that we have on our walls at school. It answers some questions that children have around prayer. Feel free to download this poster and put it up at home.

Below is a lovely prayer that was written in World War II. It still holds an important place in our daily lives today!

Prayer for Protection
Praying in Colour

Colour Prayer

This method of prayer has captured the children's imagination and artistic skills. It can be added to, once started, and can be used as a quiet, reflective activity for the whole family. How about putting a piece of paper and a box of coloured felts on the table and let everyone add to it as they feel the need? An awesome family prayer activity for the holidays!


October is the month of the Rosary.

As a school we will join together in prayer to say the Rosary.

Children may bring their own Rosary Beads to school to pray with, if they wish.