We want our students to be life long, connected learners. To achieve this, we encourage all students to lead their own learning, by genuinely inquiring into the world around them. We support them by teaching them the necessary skills to function confidently within, and beyond their current curriculum level. These skills include reading, writing, speaking, listening, calculating, investigating, presenting information, socialising, working collaboratively and independently.

Hapaitia te ara tika pumau ai te rangatiratanga mo na uri whakatipu

Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength, independence and growth for future generations

School Gardens

We have 5 school gardens that the students tend to. We learn to germinate seeds, plant seedlings, make compost, weed the gardens and design wind and watering systems.

We have strawberries, broccoli, parsley, carrots, lettuce, peas and some pretty flowers too.


Mrs Langton set up a station during learning through play. She taught us how to make circuits. We made our lights go.

'All Wired Up'

Mrs Langton came in and showed Room 5 and Room 6 how to create electrical circuits using adhesive copper tape, LEDs and 3V batteries.

It was lots of fun!

WITT Taranaki Science Fair 2019

A huge congratulations to Alika Hunn and Charlie Carr for their winning Year 7 & 8 Technological Development section of the Fair. They also won a Presentation Award and an Innovation Award for their project, which was entitled, “Catch Me If You Can.” The girls, who are both Lake Rotokare Ambassadors, are both heavily involved in an urban trapping programme in Opunake. Their science fair project, a detection system using Raspberry Pi technology, linked to a website, enabled them to know when they had to check a trap rather than having to check it on a daily basis.

A huge amount of effort goes into creating projects for the Science Fair. A special thanks to Mr Andrew Hornblow for supporting the girls with learning how to use Raspberry Pi technology.

Next year's topics are:

Advertising Posters - Manaakitanga te Moana (Caring for the Ocean)

Photos - Symmetry

Observational Drawings - Symbiosis

Scientific Journalism - What is the best sustainable energy option for transport in Taranaki?

Congratulations to Eden Lark who won a Merit Award for her advertising poster in the Year 7 section. Daniel Sabuero placed 3rd in this section.

Charlie also won a merit award for her observational drawings.

Kayleigh, Sophia and Charlie won merit prizes for their Year 8 Advertising posters.

Room 6's Rotokare Trip

On Wednesday 15th May, the Room 6 students and some keen parents went on a trip to the Rotokare Scenic Reserve. This was an exciting day where both the children and parents learnt some valuable information about how to protect and keep our protected animals safe from pests and predators.

The kids participated in a fast paced game of survivor where each child was either a Herbivore, Omnivore, or a Carnivore. This involved students running around a set course in the forest tagging each other to represent the struggles that our native animals have in their day to day lives. We were also taken short walk of the track to explore the native trees and birds that inhabit Rotokare.