Around the Classes

Planet Earth and Beyond

The last term has seen the whole school participate in a Planet Earth and Beyond unit. We have learnt about the planets, the sun, the stars, the moon and other celestial objects. We have written stories, completed 'space' maths tasks, created colourful and vibrant art and both asked and answered questions about space! All of our work will be on display at Pet Day so please come into the classrooms and have a look around.

More Cheese please - room 2!

Mrs Langton came and taught in Room 2 for a couple of days. We tasted different types of cheese and chose the one that we liked the best.

We found out that most people in Room 2 liked camembert cheese the best!

We did think it was pretty close though between that and Cheese Slices!

A = Blue Vein Cheese

B = Cheese Slices

C = Edam

D = Parmesan

E = Feta

F = Camembert


Maddie was not impressed!

We read the poem - Little Miss Muffet. We had to work out what a 'tuffet' was. We used a google search to find out it was a small stool or a tuft of grass. Then we had to find out what curds and whey were. Amy O'Rorke and Jayden found out that curds is another name for cottage cheese and that the liquid, that is made in the process of making the cottage cheese, is called whey.


Most of the students liked the cottage cheese. Two thumbs up meant they liked it lots - one up and one down was it was okay, and two thumbs down meant it wasn't good at all.


The students had to write down descriptions of the different cheeses according to what they looked like, what they felt like, what they smelt like and finally what they tasted like.

Liam was our mad scientist!


Frankie was our other mad scientist!