Sport 2018

Fun Ferns Netball Years 0-2

Wednesday afternoons sees the court at the Sandford's Event Centre jam packed with budding young netball players learning the skills needed to play the great game of netball.

The improvement made over the last few weeks has been massive. Thanks to the parents who are helping out with these little people. Your contribution is much appreciated!

It's a real joy to watch children actively passing the ball to each other - looking for the best option rather than just passing to their friends! Celebrating with each other, and the other team, was the icing on the cake! Well done team!

Mt Spa Swimming Sports 2018

On Friday 23rd March 18 of our top swimmers competed in the annual Mt Spa Swimming Sports event. It was a closely contested event, with our students putting in a massive effort to place 2nd overall. Every student from our school that competed, ended up placing in at least 1 event. A highlight of the day was the very competitive relay, where St Joseph's placed 3rd, in what was an impressive display of freestyle swimming. Well done to all students involved, you should be incredibly proud of your achievements. A huge thank you to those parents who helped out on the day! It really made for an enjoyable and smoothly run event.


On Thursday 15th March we held our annual Swimming Sports event at the Opunake Community Pools. It was a fantastic afternoon full of colour, excitement and competition. Congratulations to Marcella who took out the hotly contested event. Thank you to parents for your support throughout the successful day, It couldn't have been done without you.

As a result of this event 20 students have been invited to attend the Mt Spa InterSchool Swimming Sports Competition on Friday 23rd March. Congratulations to Charlie Tretheway, Sophie Gatenby, Melah Sinclair, Crystal Jordan, Grace Clough, Jacob Foley, Eden Lark, Maddy Drought, Shinae Minhinnick, Alika Hunn, Kayleigh Fleming, Charlie Carr, Ella Griggs, Andrew Lawn, Jerram Sinclair, Jono Lang, Toby O’Rorke, Patrick Bradley.

House Point Totals for the Day:

1. Marcella 318

2. St John of the Cross 262

3. Nazareth 230

basketball teams 2018

Year 7 & 8

St Joseph’s Hawks St Joseph’s Falcons

Coach: Aarun Langton Coach: Matt Lawn

Asst coach: Brook Murfitt Asst coach: Michael Griggs

Manager: Tracey O’Rorke

Kayleigh Fleming Ella Griggs

Mackenzie Gatenby Andrew Lawn

Crisjohn Abad Jerram Sinclair

Toby O’Rorke Aria Brophy

Jono Lang Summer Simpson

Isabella Coogan Sean Young

Amiel Sabuero Keelin Willis

Daniel Sabuero Maddy Drought

Patrick Bradley

Year 5 & 6 Year 3 & 4

St Joseph’s Bulls St Joseph’s Dunkers

Coach: Linley Lark Coach: Tracey O’Rorke

Manager: Nicola Coogan Manager: Nikita Mullin-James

Carter McKenzie Max Short

Holly Gulliver Renee Fleming

James Coogan Amy O’Rorke

Eden Lark Tiana-Mae Mullin-James

Melah Sinclair Gabrielle Coogan

Grace Clough Liam Coogan

Josh Ramos Oliver Willis

Kobe Lark Jayden Young

Year 1 & 2

St Joseph’s Bouncers

Coach: Needed


Maiya Young

Amy Gulliver

The Year 1 & 2 team still require a coach and more players. Please let the office know if your child is keen to play.