Social Justice

Our school actively teaches and encourages students to live according to our Catholic Social Teachings. We encourage all students to have a voice, suggesting and actioning ways in which we can support others.

Social Justice Week 2018

This year's theme was on inclusiveness, especially learning to include people with disabilities. Students thought about what it feels like to feel different and how to ensure that everyone feels that they belong. Some classes played games where they had to accomplish a task without using some of their senses or their body parts. They had to co-operate as a group to accomplish their goal.

Rooms One and Two were thinking about whether our town and school was accessible for people in wheelchairs, or on mobility scooters, or with walkers. We went for a walk into Opunake and found which shops and public spaces are easy to get in of and out of. We were very pleased to find that places were easy for Mrs van Vuuren to push Ariana's wheelchair into. Only two shops were problematic and the library was fantastic. The wide aisles and automatic door entry really made a difference.

We have received Christmas blessings from Caritas in recognition of all of our fundraising over the 2017 year. Thank you for all of your support with the projects that we have taken part in to make the lives of others a little easier.

Weaving Bonds of Belonging

This is the theme for this year's Caritas Social Justice Week. As a school we have been learning about 'Who is our neighbour?', and thinking about how we can contribute, as individuals, and collectively, to improve aspects of our society. On Tuesday 5th of September, we sorted out the whole school into mixed age groups and worked on either a craft, baking or a work task. The baking that was made was shared to members of our community who are injured or unwell, and some goodies were also dropped off to the Rest Home residents. Craft activities included making cards for members of our community and for restocking the book marks for church. Our school gardens were given a make over and lots of vegetables were planted to be used to make healthy lunches in Term 4's learning. We also all went out and did a rubbish pick up around our community. This gave our students a little insight into what happens to rubbish when we don't dispose of it responsibly.

Mrs Langton pictured above with her budding gardeners. Now we just need a bit more sunshine so that all the veges that we have planted start to grow!

Photos - Top: the rubbish that we collected around a one block area from the school.

Middle: Room 6 students walking up Allison Street picking up rubbish. We even found fish skeletons!

Bottom: Solai shows Mina and Olivia how to plant lettuces.

On Friday 7th April we held a fundraiser for Caritas. All classes completed a brief study about the effects of climate change in the Pacific. We decided to organise activities that recycled plastic bottles into something new. This was as a sign of solidarity to the people of the Pacific nations that are under threat of water level rising and freshwater becoming salty and unable to drink. The production and disposal of plastic bottles contributes to climate change so finding ways to reuse these was a way to encourage students to reduce their waste.

Caritas Fundraiser

We raised $207.60 for Caritas projects in the Pacific Islands.