What's New 2018

Leadership Assembly

Last week on Thursday the 24th of May, St Joseph’s held a Leadership Assembly for the Room Six students. As I was one of the students being awarded a badge, it was lovely to know that the hard work we had done and are trying to do is paying off and being recognised.

We opened with a speech from our Deputy Principal, Mr Murfitt. Which was followed by a prayer read by me. This was followed by four of the Opunake High School Prefects, they spoke about things like what they thought a leader was and gave example of their own leadership journey. These speeches were truly inspirational and it was awesome hearing about their journey and hard work. We were then awarded our badges, which Bishop Owen blessed. These were awarded for the following: Environmental, Social, Fitness, Pastoral Committees, the School Council and House Captains.

After the badges were all handed out, our staff kindly organised a shared lunch for the students, their families and teachers. This was also to thank us. Which we all agreed that we love and it was nice for everyone to catch up over a coffee or a cup of tea.

By being awarded these badges our class decided that we would try our hardest to be the best leaders we can be for our school and wear our gifted badges with pride.

Thanks to all

Chairperson of the School Council

Aria Brophy.

Colouring Competition - Results

The results are in from the highly popular ANZAC colouring competition! A huge well done to all of the students who completed a colouring in entry, we had lots to look at which made it difficult to pick some winners.

The top 3 placings from the Junior School was as follows:

1st Place - Ellie Lynskey

2nd Place - Molly Stevenson

3rd Place - Greer Guthrie

The top 3 placing from the senior School was as follows:

1st Place - Summer Simpson

2nd Place - Mackenzie Gatenby

3rd Equal - Crystal Jordan and Christine Centeno

A huge congratulations to the winners who all received a prize from the lucky prize box today.


On Wednesday the 4th April 2 Year 5/6 teams and 2 Year 7/8 teams competed at Manaia School in the annual EPro 8 Challenge putting their creativity, problem solving and technology skills to the test. It was an extremely rewarding experience for all involved and an exciting way of working together as a team to problem solve. Thank you to the parents for transporting the kids to and from the event, we as a school hugely appreciate your support.

It was a tightly contested challenge, where the placings were determined on points earned during the challenge itself.

The Year 5/6 teams came in 5th and 6th position overall.

The Year 7/8 Teams couldn't be seperated and finished 2nd equal!

A huge congratulations to the following students for your efforts at EPro 8:

Year 5 and 6s:

Grace Clough, Caitlyn Bradley, John Renz Torres, Crystal Jordan, Eden Lark, James Coogan, Melah Sinclair and Sophie Gatenby.

Year 7 and 8s:

Jerram Sinclair, Aria Brophy, Caleb Neil, Jono Lang, Ella Griggs, Stak Hickey, Charlie Carr, Patrick Bradley.

Have you had your say?

The government is asking for your input into what education in New Zealand should look like.

Kōrero Mātauranga - is the initiative that Labour has put forward to begin the 'conversation'.

Go to this link to start your own survey. It is confidential, but you can enter an email address if you wish to get a receipt of your submission.

PTA Easter Raffle

Congratulations to:

  • 1st Place - Declan Bourke
  • 2nd Place - Simon Drought
  • 3rd Place - Griggs Family
  • Cupcakes - Jasmine Parnell

Thank you to everyone who supported our raffle.

More Cheese please - room 2!

Mrs Langton came and taught in Room 2 for a couple of days. We tasted different types of cheese and chose the one that we liked the best.

We found out that most people in Room 2 liked camembert cheese the best!

We did think it was pretty close though between that and Cheese Slices!

A = Blue Vein Cheese

B = Cheese Slices

C = Edam

D = Parmesan

E = Feta

F = Camembert


Maddie was not impressed!

We read the poem - Little Miss Muffet. We had to work out what a 'tuffet' was. We used a google search to find out it was a small stool or a tuft of grass. Then we had to find out what curds and whey were. Amy O'Rorke and Jayden found out that curds is another name for cottage cheese and that the liquid, that is made in the process of making the cottage cheese, is called whey.


Most of the students liked the cottage cheese. Two thumbs up meant they liked it lots - one up and one down was it was okay, and two thumbs down meant it wasn't good at all.


The students had to write down descriptions of the different cheeses according to what they looked like, what they felt like, what they smelt like and finally what they tasted like.

Liam was our mad scientist!


Frankie was our other mad scientist!


Junior Beach Education Day

On Friday 16th February, Rms 1, 2 and 4 walked down to Opunake Beach to take part in the Beach Ed Day. East End Lifeguards Flossie, Mackenzie and Billy did a great job teaching us about how to be safe at the beach, both in and out of the water.

The lifeguards made comment about how well behaved our children were, and how keen they all were to take part in the outside activities. They also couldn't believe how many parents we had come to support us during the swim component of the day.

Thank you to all the parents who did attend - those in the classroom, those on the sand and those who were brave enough to go into the water.

Valentine's Market

Room 6 held their annual Valentine's Day Market on Monday 12th February in Room 3 from 11 am through to 1pm. The stalls were amazing and the Room 6 children went to a lot of effort to create high quality products.

A big thanks must go to all of the parents and family members for supporting the students with their stalls.

All money raised will be to help support Room 6's costs for the year, including Young Leaders and camp.

Valentine's Market Photos